OrthoRPM’s Gr!p device gives you the best hand therapy option all from the comfort of your home while having a professional monitor your results and customize your protocol. Potentially removing the need for in office visits. We believe that it is all about results and patient experience.

Strengthen hand Gr!p with smart technology for a healthy lifestyle.

Strengthen Your Hand
Will strengthen your present and future health.
Health and Wellness
Follow the prescribed regimen on the
Smartphone App!
Technology of Modern Science
Smart technology designed for grip training
and therapeutic exercise.

How can Gr!p improve your overall health and rehabilitation? Using smart technology and remote patient / therapy monitoring Gr!p can....


“We attributed this likely to the fact that they didn’t have to get out and drive to the physical therapy office multiple times per week and also saved on the copays that are associated with that,” Naylor said

Benefit 1: Improved patient care and outcomes
Benefit 2: Makes hand therapy fun
Benefit 3: Helps patients improve self-management and accountability
Benefit 4: Increases patient engagement with your provider
Benefit 5: Cost of Care reduction for payers and providers
Benefit 6: Faster access to patient data and results
Benefit 7: Reduces patient’s expenses and improves work productivity
Benefit 8: Improves access to care
Benefit 9: Optimizes clinical staff efficiency and combats clinical staff shortages
Benefit 10: Improves patient experience and satisfaction
Benefit 11: Expands referral opportunities and improves retention

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